Graphic Designer. Carolina Lover. Labrador Fanatic. Travel Connoisseur

Hi, I’m Melissa.

It’s hard to say what I specialize in the most because I love the big picture. I love starting with a campaign or big idea and translating it across print, web, email, advertisements, and more.

I currently work as a designer/developer at Trimark Digital. While my strengths are in layout design and branding and marketing, I’m working on my coding skills to become a more efficient web designer. I know a little animation as well so I can bring some fun skills to your project!

Everything you find on this site will be mostly freelance for now.

Before working at TriMark, I mostly mastered print. I worked for many publications and think it was a great foundation for detail in the marketing world I find myself in in today.

I also worked part time as the lead designer for 3 years for The Looma Project, a startup looking to drive revenue for manufactures and retailers by utilizing more efficient story telling. I loved to dive deep with a brand and help it develop from the ground up!

Design 95%
Marketing 65%
Branding & Identity 80%
HTML & CSS 60%

Good design excites me. I love nothing more than mixing colors, visuals, and typography to create a brand that speaks to who you are across different platforms. I think the visual representation is important for your brand, service and identity. I love helping people become better understood through design. God’s bigger design helped me understand my true identity and I hope to help you find yours!

40Projects completed
5380Miles ran
25000Photos taken (this year ;))
9Countries visited

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