Graphic Designer. Carolina Lover. Labrador Fanatic. Travel Connoisseur

Hi, I’m Melissa.

I am a hybrid designer. I get excited about ideas and love to see them come to life in full-scale digital marketing campaigns, which is why my skills cover a multitude of areas. I’m currently an Associate Art Director at Trimark Digital and growing my knowledge in design strategy and leading brands to success with awesome teams.

I also like to make my web designs come to life through code. I have a good working knowledge of CSS, HTML, PHP and WordPress, and I am continuing to learn how to become a better developer. I know a little animation as well so I can bring some fun skills to your project!

Everything you find on this site is mostly my freelance work but feel free to contact me if you want to see more!

Before working at TriMark, I mastered print and layout design. I worked for many publications, which was a great foundation for detail in the marketing world I find myself in today.

I also worked part time as the lead designer for 3 years at The Looma Project, a startup looking to drive revenue for manufactures and retailers by utilizing more effective storytelling. I loved to dive deep with a brand and help it develop from the ground up!

Layout Design 95%
Branding & Marketing 80%
UI/UX 75%
Illustration 70%
HTML & CSS 60%
Animation 40%

Your brand’s visual representation should speak to who you are and stay consistent across different platforms. I love helping people/brands become better understood through design. God’s bigger design helped me understand my true identity and I hope to help you find yours!

200Projects completed
5380Miles ran
25000Photos taken (this year ;))
12Countries visited

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