Michigan State MSUSND competition

First place, iPad (2014)

As the iPad art director, I oversaw the transformation of our 64-page iPad magazine, Flourish.


In this role, I learned how to lead other designers and start a magazine from scratch and create a vision that could be carried throughout the entire magazine. I learned how to make things interactive in InDesign and learned about Digital Publishing. I pushed designers to take their designs to the next level, and taught them about interactivity as well. CS6 allowed us to experiment and try new things, but we also had to problem solve and know the limitations of the program. I am excited that we learned how to make videos in After Effects and incorporated them into the magazine as well.

  from the editor         TableofContents

In the Letter to the Editor, you can swipe the globe and it rotates ( I water-colored 8 versions). You can also tap on the paint swatches and words come up.

Because this magazine is iPad only, you can download it here.

Here is a spread I specifically worked on. When you click the different fabrics, a picture loads of the real dress.

Stitchingpretty_Vertical copy


Stitchingpretty_Vertical31 Stitchingpretty_Vertical41

Here are some previews of the pages I oversaw.

beautybag beautybag2 beautybag1

BookReview_Vertical BookReview_Vertical2

Here, you can swipe through the closet and then when you tap on the first book, the book review appears.

nails1 nails2

Toms Vertical


symbologysymbology2 symbology3


top10 top10-1